About Renvio

We start real estate business from the year 2012 with the website name i-propertyplus.com

From year 2013 we are focus on the holiday home in Hua Hin areaa then start to have a new website name “renvio”

It is a short name which come from Rent Via Online.

We are professionals, specializing in
the acquisition of any kind of property in Thailand,
as well as finding the right long and short term
accommodation for both Thai and expat.

For guest, our listings are premium houses. condominiums,
and other variety of properties for both short and long term rent,
are carefully selected to suit the individual lifestyles
of our customers. We believe that through our
knowledge of the property market, we are able to
assist you with all your property related issues,
ranging from making the right choice of location,
to negotiating the most reasonable price.

If you are the owner or landlord, we also assist you to
find a good tenant.  To save your time and
afford, please contact us right away or you can post
your own property here too and we will be your
personal assistant on this issue.  

For those who would like to invest we also have many
properties with good return on investment. We will
also assist you with all property related legal matters.
All you have to do is contact us and let’s us know your

Please send email to : info@renvio.com